Fall 2023 Collection

The first week of October was filled with excitement for Eden NYC. Our Fall 2023 final samples had arrived, and we were busy finding a photographer and models for our product page and Instagram. I searched online for clothing and accessories to style the shoot, focusing on All Saints since our new collection definitely has that vibe and at Aritzia for their simple basics that would make our dresses stand out. We looked through photographers' websites and Instagrams to find one whose work we loved and that we felt would be able to represent our aesthetic best. That week, we finalized plans to hire our photographer, Anna Dave, and by Friday, October 6th, we had completed most of the details for our upcoming October 15th shoot.

I don't need to tell anyone what happened the next day. Overnight, everything changed. Suddenly, the photoshoot did not seem important anymore. It was the last thing we were interested in doing. How could we think about selling dresses when Hamas terrorists murdered 1400 Israelis?

As we all absorbed the events in Israel, the Jewish community worldwide immediately kicked into high gear to help Israel with anything they needed, whether it was ceramic vests for the soldiers, medical supplies, or new clothing for the displaced families from the south. I genuinely believe that we are providing a service by designing modest dresses, but Eden NYC is a fun project for us, not something we do to make a living. Accordingly, we have decided to donate 100% of our profit from each dress we sell to Migdal Ohr's large-scale effort called "Magen Yisrael," which is helping to provide for the needs of over 4,000 victims of the massacres in the south who have been left homeless.


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