Season Two

Two years ago, Denni and I had an idea to create a modest clothing company with dresses that don't look like they are designed specifically for frum, tznius (religious Jews who dress modestly) women and teens. We are not the first company to do this, but we felt very few did a good job designing clothing that did not scream "FRUMMIE."

We knew nothing about designing, patternmaking, samples, or fabric. We only had a vision of a dress that we thought both teens and their mothers would love. We worked with the design and production company, who led us through our first design, the Davida dress.

We learned a lot from that first design, such as our customer age range (all ages!), what size range our customers were, what tweaks our customers wanted, and which Instagram influencers styled best and delivered the most customers.

This summer, we will be releasing an updated Davida dress in the middle of June. It will be the same length as the original longer version, but this time you can keep your elbows covered when you move your arms! The plan is to have a limited preorder with a 25% discount. We are so excited about the updated Eden dress and can't wait to share it with you!

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